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"she..reminded us of the path we wanted to take"

My husband and I met Bobbi Jo during our Natural Childbirth Classes. She was our teacher and taught us more than we ever thought possible! Her knowledge on childbirth is incredible and her passion is amazing to witness. When we found out that Bobbi Jo was a doula, we knew that we needed her on our labor and delivery support team! Prior to our delivery, we met with Bobbi Jo two times and she provided us with even more information and support. During my stay at the hospital (prior to active labor), she was "on-call" and answered all of our questions via text and phone calls...as well as giving us the mental support that we needed. When she decided that we wanted her to join us in the hospital, she arrived within the hour and started supporting us right away. During labor, she helped with pain management (positions, massage, heating pad, imagery, etc.), supported my husband and mother, reminded us of the path we wanted to take, and helped us achieve our number one goal...a natural, medication-free labor. During our stay in the hospital after labor, Bobbi Jo kept in contact and continued to provide support. When we returned home, she reached out to us with even more support via text and a home-visit (she even brought us dinner and gave us a printed time-line of our labor and delivery). Bobbi Jo was exactly what we needed and we HIGHLY recommend her to everyone. We will forever be grateful for Bobbi Jo and will never be able to thank her enough.

~K.B. client Nov 2018

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"She worked seamlessly with the hospital staff"

My husband and I hired Bobbi Jo for the birth of our first child, and it was one of the best decisions we made! Bobbi Jo is kind, caring, and outgoing, as well as very knowledgeable about maternal care. As first time parents, she put us at ease about the entire labor and delivery process, giving us multiple strategies to prepare for birth, information to make informed decisions, and answering all of our questions. The day of delivery, she was a vital member of our team, helping me navigate all of labor's changes, as well as supporting my husband as my labor partner. She worked seamlessly with the hospital staff, as well. Since delivery, she has continued to go above and beyond, reaching out multiple times to ensure I am supported in any way I need. My husband and I both agree our labor and delivery was as positive and successful as it was because of Bobbi Jo's presence, and we couldn't imagine not having her there! 

~M.A. client Nov 2018

"listens and respects your birth experience wishes no matter what they are"

Bobbi Jo exceeded our expectations as a doula! We were on the fence about hiring one, but then we met Bobbi Jo in our natural childbirth class and instantly saw the benefit of having her on our "birth" team. She is highly knowledgeable about natural pain relief techniques and listens and respects your birth experience wishes no matter what they are.

Bobbi Jo provided support to us prior to labor, during labor and even did a home visit with us the first week we were home with our son. Prior to the birth, she helped us identify what was important to us, suggested ways to manage pain and encouraged us to advocate for ourselves as patients. During labor she helped our voices be heard by amplifying them with medical staff, suggested labor and birthing positions as well as supported both my husband and I throughout the whole experience. 

Looking back, we can't imagine going through the birth experience without Bobbi Jo. Our son was born 3 weeks early -- to our surprise -- and Bobbi Jo didn't miss a beat. She was there for us from the first phone call, to arriving at the hospital and post-partum. We seriously can't thank her enough!

~D.P. client 2018

"Her compassion, professionalism, expertise, and friendliness make working with her a joy!"

We had a great experience with Bobbi Jo as both our childbirth educator and doula. Her compassion, professionalism, expertise, and friendliness make working with her a joy! The birth education classes were thorough, interactive and fun! My husband and I loved learning about birth from an evidence based perspective and Bobbi Jo brought her own expertise and experience to the class which was invaluable. She was also extremely accommodating, finding a location and time for the class that worked with our schedules. As a doula, Bobbi Jo was extremely supportive, a great listener, and ultimately helped us to achieve the birth experience we were hoping for. She made herself available by phone and email and welcomed any questions we had. She also provided recent research when applicable and supported us in looking at the whole picture to make decisions which were best for our family. When I went into labor, Bobbi Jo came to our house to help me labor, joined us at the hospital, and provided breastfeeding support immediately after our son was born. She also provided emotional support in the days after the birth by checking in on us via phone and an in person follow up visit. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Bobbi Jo, it made all the difference for our birth experience!

~A.H. client 2018

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Bobbi Jo ended up as our doula by total chance. Our doula had to leave as we were leaving for the hospital and called her friend, Bobbi Jo, to step in. Obviously it was not ideal to have the person we had been working with for months step away and a stranger step in, but Bobbi Jo was fantastic. We/I immediately felt comfortable with her. Without knowing us at all she blended in to our birth story perfectly. When we arrived at the hospital we found that I was 10cm and our midwife expected that the baby would come at any moment. However, once we were in our room, my birth waves slowed down and weakened. Bobbi Jo gave suggestions and worked well with our midwife in trying to get long and strong birth waves back. Bobbi Jo has so much birth knowledge! She was a great advocate for me and my husband and made sure we understood exactly what was going on with each step until our daughter was born. As soon as our daughter was born she helped us to take full advantage of the "Golden Hour", helping us see the cues for nursing and helped our daughter do the breast crawl- which was so neat to experience. We would highly recommend Bobbi Jo for any birth!

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