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Evidence Based Birth® Virtual Childbirth Classes
Informative and Empowering

Educated, prepared and supported women often describe birth as challenging yet manageable. Afterwards, they recall it being an exhilirating, empowering, transforming event.

Our Evidence Based Birth® Mentor is on a mission to empower and inspire expecting parents with skillful mentorship on evidence-based care, comfort measures, and advocacy, so they can embrace their birth and parenting with courage and confidence.

Our goal is to demystify birth! Our education and support aim to give you an informed voice during your birth experience and effective tools to communicate and work with your birth team toward your desired hopes. We help expecting couples learn about the process, power, and purpose of childbirth. You will gain knowledge and inspiration to manage your labor and birth with calm and confidence, as well as comfort and coping tools that will get you through the toughest parts.

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#1 Factor for improving birth outcomes!
Research shows that women who have a BIRTH DOULA experience...
  • a more postive birth experience
  • shorter labors
  • more comfort
  • less tension & anxiety
  • decreased use of pain meds
  • lower epidural rates
  • less labor & birth complications 
  • decreased use of Pitocin
  • less medical interventions and
  • decreased cesarean rates

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