You'll love our hybrid class with 2 in-person and 4 online Zoom sessions

We use a flipped model so you can feel ready to engage in group discussions. You and your partner will watch short videos, review information, and practice at home at your own pace before each class. The first and last classes are in-person with four on-line Zoom classes in between.

The class content focuses on evidence-based care, comfort measures, and advocacy and ends with a fun birth rehearsal, to which you are welcome to bring your Doula or an additional support person.

Our vision is that you will walk into your birth setting with confidence and the information and communication tools you need to make informed decisions and describe your birth experience as empowering.


Private Childbirth Sessions

Prefer to meet for private classes or mentoring? Let's talk, find out what you need, and develop a plan that works best for you and your schedule.